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Classy Smoke Shop

Classy Smoke Shop has what you want! Located in Scottsdale, it's one of three sister stores you will find in the state we call home; Arizona. We keep it Classy at our smoke shop! We strive for the highest of standards; and those standard should be very transparent by our customer service to the a products we carry by the time you're done shopping at Classy!

At Classy, we have the right amount of everything, but we really pride ourselves on two things. One is Cigars; We're proud to say we carry all the best cigars in our very own Walk-In Humidor! The second line of products we really focus on are E-Cigarettes and related goods. Not only do we carry the highest rated lines of E-Cigarettes, but our amazing array of E-Liquids and juices will have your taste buds jumping! Please don't hesitate to call us today at (480) 661-1000 or email us at info@classysmokeshop.com. We're here to help and we'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about our products! We appreciate every customers that walks through our doors! If you are new to our stores and haven't seen the quality of standards we keep; stop by today to see what you've been missing! Don't forget to, "Keep it Classy!"

Walk-In Humidor

Our Cigar collection is one of the finest in Scottsdale. We've got a wide range of pricing and sizes you can easily find in our Walk-In Humidor. Whether it's a big occasion, or just a relaxing smoke in the backyard, we can help you find that perfect cigar at Classy Smoke Shop.

E-Cigarettes and Accessories

We keep our staff up on the latest and highest rated products available. That way, you can leave knowing you purchased an Electronic product that has the high quality and standards we expect from any product that makes it through our doors.

Our Other Products

We've got glass, metal and wood pipes, zippos, torches, butane, grinders, pipe cleaners, containers, incense, Ashtrays, detox, cigarettes and MUCH more! Please feel free to contact us if something you're interested in isn't listed!

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Keep it Classy!

Wondering what we carry?

At Classy Smoke Shop, we always make sure our shelves are stocked to the ceiling with your favorite products! We have an amazing selection of premium cigars, cigarettes, pipes, tobacco, tubes, lighters and ash trays.

It doesn't stop there, we've got electronic cigarettes (starter kits, disposables rechargeable) and hookahs, liquids and juices, hookahs, shisha, detox and much more! We're proud to announce, we're the only smoke shops in Arizona to carry Ultra Premium Ice Drops Hookah Gel Shisha! An Amazing new way to smoke your hookah! We're always trying to bring our customers the best and newest products available on the market. Ice Drops is a must try for shisha smokers. Get one of the new flavors we got have in stock today!

Contact Us
  • Cigars, Pipe Tobacco and More

    To start things off, we've got a Walk-In Humidor to keep all our Cigars stored air tight and at the perfect tempature! We carry hundreds of brands, including Macanudo, Cohiba, Brickhouse, Mac Baren, Olivia and so much more! Feel free to check out our gallery page to see the pictures. We also have a great selection of pipe tobacco. We carry Captain Black, Velvet, Borkum Riff, Price Albert and more! We carry Tubes, Tobacco Pouches and ash trays! Wondering if we carry your favorite brands? Give us a call today and we'd be happy to let you know!

  • E-Cigarettes, E-Hookahs and Juices

    New to the E-Cig era? Don't worry, we've got a knowledgeable staff that can help you get started. All the products we carry are highly rated; Some of our Starter kits include NLA, Encore, Lotus and Blue Cloud. Our popular disposable brands include Blue Diamond, Green Leaf, Artic and Njoy. When it comes to vapor juice, we also got you covered. We've got an incredible selection of flavors to keep any vapor connoisseur happy! We carry Red Oak, Johnson Creek, Voda, E Liquid Gold, and V2.

  • Hookahs and Shisha

    Looking for some new flavors to try with your hookah? Our variety of flavors won't let you down! We've got the best flavors along with brands. We carry Starbuzz, Fantasia, Fumari, Al Fahker, Deja Vu and more. We also carry Fantasia, Coco Nara, Ram insta-lite and Pharaohs Insta-lite coals! That's just a taste of of what we carry! Stop by today to view our wide spectrum of Hookahs. Everything from Phantoms, Mya Sirey to Nyle and much more! Are you new to Hookahs? Our staff is very seasoned and willing to help you select the perfect hookah and Shisha flavors to match your taste!

  • Pipes, Grinders and More!

    We have a dedicated area for Water and Hand Pipes, but our primary focus at Classy is Cigars, Electronic Products and other goods. Don't get it wrong, we have a small selection of nice pieces, but if your interested in a HUGE collection of the newest and highest quality glass please visit our sister locations! Head West Smoke Shop is located in Tucson. Head West's address is 2452 N. Campbell Ave Tucson, AZ 85719. Or Visit Planet Zong! Planet Zong's address is 4726 W. Olive, Glendale, AZ 85302. Don't hesitate to call us with any question!

  • Butane, Torches and lighters

    Looking for a torch or some butane to keep them lit? In regards to Butane, we have top brands like Newport, xikar, power and stoke. We also carry small and hand held torches. For small torch lighters, we've got brands like Lotus, Regal, Blazer, Vector and Tiger. For Hand Held Torches, we carry Hot Shot and Big Shot, Stoke, Scorch and more! As far as lighters, we carry Zippo, xikar, Clipper, ronson and good old Bic! We keep everything fully stocked so you'll never stop finding your favorite brands under one roof!

  • Detox, Cleaners and more!

    Looking for a good Detox? We've got it! We carry Rescue, Herbal Clean, Ultimate Gold, Detoxify and Magnum so worry no more! We also have pipe and/or water pipe cleaners. We carry Grunge off, Orange Chronic, formula 420, PHX and Randy's. Looking for Ash Trays? We've got Cigar and cigarette ash trays all day! Cream Chargers? XXX Platinum, Naughty Whip and Whip it brands. We also carry containers for your favorite piece; Dime Bags, Smelly Proof, Tight Vacs and Doob Tube. Stop by today to pick up your favorite brands and products!

Questions or Comments?

Please feel free to contact us today! Don't hesitate to ask us any questions because we're happy to!
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A store with just a bit of everything!

Classy Smoke Shop has what you want! We have a bit of everything but we really pride ourselves on two things. One is Cigars; We're proud to say we carry all the best cigars in our very own Walk-In Humidor! The second item we really focus on is Vaporizers. We carry E-Cigarettes and an amazing array of juices in every flavor you can imagine! We have Va

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